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Erotic massage salon
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Erotic massage «Tour-de-force»

Erotic massage Tour-de-force
The cost: 6000 ₽
Duration: 60 min
  • Classic, sporty or tantric massage for choice
  • Erotic massage: imitation (oral caresses, "rider", pose " 69")
  • Addition: body massage
  • Addition: relaxation without hands
  • A shower together with a girl at the end of the program
  • Tea ceremony

Have you always dreamed of trying something new and interesting? This program will give you an incredibly hot and piquant sensations: such an intensity of passion you have never experienced in your life. The chosen girl will start the program with a classic massage, which will smoothly run into a body massage. Slow sliding of the naked female body, graceful bending of all parts of your body – this technique will remove daily tension, cheer you up and bring to the peak of pleasure. Relaxation without hands is the science, which is mastered by our girls to perfection. They know exactly how to bring you to orgasm without penetration or touching.

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60 min

This amazing program allows you to relax completely and forget about all the problems.

60 min

You will never forget this incredible cocktail of sensual pleasures and fabulous intensity of passion!

60 min

Hot and piquant sensations: you have never experienced such an intensity of passion