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Erotic massage salon
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Erotic massage «For her»

Erotic massage For her
The cost: 8700 ₽
Duration: 90 min
  • The program is performed by a girl or a young man for choice.
  • Classic, sporty or tantric massage for choice.
  • Erotic massage: (sensual massage with imitation of oral sex)
  • A shower together at the end of the program.
  • Tea ceremony

This program is designed for tired women who want to relax and relieve tension. A charming masseur or masseuse gently caresses every part of your body. You will experience a fantastic feeling. Do you want to get more attention to some parts of your body? Your word is a law. A handsome man or a beautiful girl instantly guesses your desires. Such erotic massage you have never had in your life. Massage master will go through all the sensitive points from the toes to head. With every his touch you are more and more immersed in bliss, your body is wrapped with pleasant languor and all thoughts disappear, giving way to heavenly pleasure. After this massage you will feel completely renewed. Our masters will do everything to make you feel the most gorgeous and desired woman in the world again.

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