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Erotic massage salon
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VIP erotic massage «Muladhara»

VIP erotic massage Muladhara
The cost: 9000 ₽
Duration: 90 min
  • Classic, sporty or tantric massage for choice.
  • Erotic massage: imitation (oral caresses, "rider", pose " 69").
  • Addition: two relaxations
  • Addition: body massage
  • Addition: lingam massage
  • Addition: professional prostate massage
  • A shower together with a girl at the end of the program.
  • Tea ceremony

This program is designed to open your very first chakra, which is responsible for stimulation, active sex life and good mood. The touches of skillful fingers of the charming girl will bring you to the peak of pleasure and give dizzy feelings. During erotic massage our nymph will slide through all the parts of your tired body – from the tips of your toes to the head and back. You have no need to talk about your wishes - she feels precisely what part of the body requires an increased attention. Our beauties will help you to find harmony, remove tension, reach the top of bliss and feel incredible passion. And all this you get for only one program. Then the girl slowly pass to prostate massage – this technique will fill you with power and energy, and the feelings will stay with you forever. Or till the next visit to our salon – after this massage you will certainly come back to us again and again.

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