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Erotic massage salon
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Rules of visiting the erotic massage salon

Rules of visiting the erotic massage salon

Dear clients! We have an elite salon of erotic massage – we care about our and your reputation. That is why we have introduced some rules of visiting the salon:

  • Erotic massage for men does not imply a sexual relationship with clients. Please do not try to persuade our girls to sexual intercourse - it will lead to their dismissal;
  • Visitors under the age of 18 are prohibited from entering the erotic massage salon;
  • It is strictly forbidden to bring drugs and alcohol;
  • All types of weapons (firearm, gas, cold) are under a ban – this is done for security reasons;
  • Photo and video is prohibited – we take care of the complete confidentiality of our clients and employees;
  • During the massage sessions, please observe silence and show tact to both girls and other clients;
  • The smallest display of aggression in the direction of the masseuse or administrator will end in the fact that we will ask you to leave our salon (the money for the provided service is not returned);
  • We have the right to refuse you the entrance to the salon without explanation.

Pleasant surprises.

Do you think that our salon has only restrictions? We have introduced a special bonus program for you:

  • In order to get erotic massage, you have no need to pass through medical commission and undergo tests – it's not a medical procedure;
  • We are glad to all clients, regardless of their social status and wallet thickness;
  • You can talk to the masseuse at any time and share your feelings with her – our girls always keep up the conversation;
  • Gentle touches to the masseuse’s body are allowed, but they mustn’t be too persistent;
  • We never ask too many questions – once you have dropped in our salon of erotic massage, then you just need to relax and relieve tension.

Compliance with all these rules will allow you to get only positive emotions from visiting our salon. Do you want to get the best erotic massage? Tsvetnoy Boulevard is the place where every customer is valued. We are glad to their regular visits.

Let’s respect each other and then your visits to our salon will be only of a positive nature and will give you pleasure.